Our Integrated Solutions Team assists all of our partners to ensure that your effort to integrate a payment processing solution with your infrastructure is guided, efficient, and ultimately successful.

Partners who are interested in integrating with CardConnect's payment solutions can use the following outline to gain a better understanding of the integration process.

Integration Requirements

  • You must complete a Merchant Application Agreement and obtain a CardConnect merchant account.
  • You must use CardConnect-provided devices, if accepting card-present transactions.
  • You must complete integration certification in a testing environment before processing live transactions.

Preparing for Integration

  • Our Integration Solutions Team will consult with you to collect information on your business type, size, payment processing needs, special considerations, and other relevant data in order to recommend the best combination of integrated solutions to fit your business needs.
  • A Merchant Processing Application is submitted to create your merchant account and Merchant ID for payment processing. 
  • If your business will perform card-present transactions, you'll be sent a terminal device for integration development. For online, or card-not-present transactions, you can begin development almost immediately.
  • The Integration Solutions Team provides additional documentation and guidance to assist with the integration development for your specific use case.

Developing Your Integration

  • If a device is being used for integration, establish a session or connection with the device from your POS software, or API testing software such as Postman.
  • Tokenize a payment card or complete a transaction in the test environment.
  • Continue to develop your application in the test environment, accounting for all payment processing scenarios relevant to your integration.

Reference the many Developer Guides available on the CardConnect Developer Center for additional resources to help you complete your integration.

Validating Your Integration

  • Once development is complete, perform the required test transactions for your integration and record the transaction information in the supplied Certification Guide.
  • Submit the Certification Guide with all required test transactions for review.
  • The Integration Solutions Team reviews all submitted test transactions.
  • If transactions are missing, have failed, or are poorly formed in the request, additional guidance is provided to pass validation and complete the certification.
  • When all required test transactions can be validated by the Integration Solutions team, the certification is complete, and credentials to the live environment are provided.

Deploying to the Production Environment

  • Replace the connection details and credentials used for the testing environment with that of the live environment.
  • Tokenize a payment card or complete a transaction in the live environment.
  • Order additional devices as necessary, or begin a new integration with a different payment solution.