Version 4.3.2

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This version of the iOS SDK includes the following updates:

Mobile Payment Reader Enhancements

The SDK includes the following updates to improve the the mobile payment reader connection handling:

  • CCCSwiperErrorOtherAudioPlaying - This new error message notifies the user that the mobile payment reader cannot connect because another application running on the device is using the audio connection.
  • CCCSwiperConnectionStateSearching - This new connection state is set when the SDK is finding devices or attempting to connect to a device. Once the connection state changes to "connecting" you should not send any commands to the SDK until it has connected or disconnected.
  • swiperType - This new CCCSwiperController property retrieves the CCCSwiperType of the current controller.

Improved CVV Handling

If your application captures the cardholder verification value (CVV), you must use the CCCCardInfo object to capture and tokenize the CVV with the card number. You should not send the CVV value separately to the CardPointe Gateway.

Improved Logging

Logs captured by the SDK are now prefixed with CCCSDK:.

Additionally, logs and connection state updates have been improved to reduce duplicate calls and more clearly indicate the status.