Version 4.2.2

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This version of the iOS SDK includes the following updates:

New CCCSwiperError codes

The CCCSwiperError constant includes the following new error codes:

Error CodeDescription
CCCSwiperErrorConnectionErrorConnection error
CCCSwiperErrorUnsupportedModeUnsupported connection mode
CCCSwiperErrorBadCardReadSwiped card was unable to be read.
CCCSwiperErrorConfigurationErrorThe device failed to configure.

See the CCCSwiper constant enumeration in the API reference for more information.

New EMV Card Read Error Message

Inserting an EMV card that cannot be read now returns the display message “try ICC again”

New errorDetails 

The userInfo object now includes an errorDetails key/value pair that provides descriptive error messages for certain error codes.

Expiration Date for EMV Card Reads

Fixed a bug in which the expiration date was not returned for EMV cards.