Version 4.2.1

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This version of the iOS SDK includes the following updates:

Configurable Card Read Timeout

You can use the CCCSwiperController setting  cardReadTimeout to configure the timeout duration for reading the card data. This value is in seconds and must be greater than "1." 

The maximum cardReadTimeout value depends on the device and the currentReadMode setting. For ID TECH devices, if the read mode is swipe, the max cardReadTimeout value is 0xFF. All other devices and modes have a max value of 0xFFFF. The default value is 60s. Attempting to set a higher value will result in the timeout not changing. Additionally, setting a read mode may reduce the timeout to the max value for that mode.

Battery Level Warning for IDTECH Devices

ID Tech devices now call swiper:batteryLevelStatusHasChanged: when the battery level falls below a set threshold. 

IDTech.bundle Validation

When initializing an IDTECH device, a warning message displays if the IDTech.bundle is not included in your application. Note that if the bundle is not included, display messages are not returned to your application.

New currentReadMode Property

The readonly currentReadMode property can be used to check the reader mode setting after the application connects to the device.