Date Updated: 6/25/2019

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This release includes the following updates:

New fullmobilekeyboard URL Parameter

The iFrame Tokenizer includes a new fullmobilekeyboard URL parameter to allow users to enter a forward slash (/) when entering an ACH routing/account number string.

Card Expiry Returned for for IDTECH USB Card Readers

The iFrame Tokenizer response message now includes the expiry when you use a supported IDTECH USB card reader device (IDTECH SREDkey or IDTECH SecuRED) to capture card data. The expiry and name on card (if available) are captured and stored in the data associated with the token.

Additional CSS Parameters

The following CSS parameters are now whitelisted for use with the iFrame Tokenizer:

  • appearance: 
  • -moz-appearance:
  • -webkit-appearance: