Date Updated: 8/13/2019

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This release includes the following updates:

Support for CVV and Expiry Fields

The iFrame Tokenizer now supports fields for capturing the CVV and Expiry values and storing these values in the token. Additionally, these fields can contain placeholder values.

See Examples for sample implementations including the CVV and Expiry fields.

The following URL parameters have been added to support this feature:



BooleanIf true, includes two drop-down selectors to specify the expiration month (MM) and Year (YYYY).
useexpiryfieldBooleanIf true, uses displays entry fields instead of drop-down selectors.

The Month field supports 2-digit month values from 1-12 (including support for leading zeros for single-digit months, for example "01").

The Year field supports a 4-digit year value within the next 20 years (including the current year).
usemonthnamesBooleanIf true, displays Month names instead of numbers.


BooleanIf true, includes a field to enter the Cardholder Verification Value (CVV).


  • If usecvv is true, the CVV must be provided to initiate the tokenization request.
  • CVV is not masked. This value remains in clear text.

Controls the orientation of the elements within the iFrame.

Supported values are:

  • default - the default orientation, used if no value is passed for this parameter.
  • horizontal 
  • vertical 
  • custom 
cardlabelNControls the text inside the label for the card number field.

This label is only present when either useexpiry or usecvv are true.
expirylabelNControls the text inside the label for the expiration date selectors.

The label is only present when useexpiry is true.
cvvlabelNControls the text inside the label for the CVV field.

The label is only present when usecvv is true.
placeholdercvvNA placeholder value to display in the CVV field.

The placeholder value must be a 3 or 4-digit numeric value.
placeholdermonthNA placeholder value to display in the Month field, in the format MM.
placeholderyearNA placeholder value to display in the Year field, in the format YYYY.

Support for Screen Readers

Title tags have been added to the Card Number, Expiry, and CVV fields to enable compatibility with screen reader applications. These fields are now tagged with titles, which can be understood and read by screen reader applications for users with vision impairments.

The default title values are:

  • Credit Card Number - "Credit Card Number"
  • Expiry Month - "Expiration Month"
  • Expiry Year - "Expiration Year"
  • CVV - "Card Verification Value"

You can use the following URL parameters to customize the default titles:

cardtitleANA meaningful custom title for the card number field.
expirymonthtitleANA meaningful custom title for the expiry month field.
expiryyeartitleANA meaningful custom title for the expiry year field.
cvvtitleANA meaningful custom title for the cvv field.

New Field IDs

The following Field IDs have been added in this release:

iFrame Element


Card Number Labelcccardlabel
Card Number Fieldccnumfield
Expiry Labelccexpirylabel
Expiry Month Dropdownccexpirymonth
Expiry Year Dropdownccexpiryyear
Expiry Month Fieldccexpiryfieldmonth
Expiry Year Fieldccexpiryfieldyear
CVV Labelcccvvlabel
CVV Fieldcccvvfield

Clear Fields when Modified

After a token is returned, if a user modifies any field on the form, all fields are cleared and must be re-entered before a new tokenization request can be made.