Date Updated: 3/6/2020

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The following updates have been deployed only to the UAT environment on 3/6/2020, and will be deployed to the production environment at a future date.

URL Parameter Validation

This update includes additional validation to ensure that integrated iFrames are coded following standard best practices. Specifically, it is important that all special characters (including curly braces {} )provided within the iFrame URL parameters are properly URL-encoded, as described in iFrame Styling.

Failure to properly encode the URL string will result in iFrame display and rendering issues.

Additional CSS Support

The css parameter now supports custom colors for placeholder text, as well accepting CSS3 media queries for responsive design.

All arguments to the css parameter must be URL-encoded.

New Optional Parameters

The following optional parameters are new in this release:

ParameterDefault ValueDescription


2000Controls the maximum character limit for the card number field.

Note: Do not set cardinputmaxlength if using a USB card reader.

A string value to be used as alternative labels for each month in the drop-down list.

The alternative label for each month is separated by a hyphen, starting with the 1st month and ending with the 12th month.

Note: The alternative labels are used only when usemonthnames is true.
If true, the card number field ignores non-numeric values.


falseIf true, the first 2 digits of the card number are masked.

Support for iOS AutoFill Feature

Selecting the Card Number input field now triggers the native AutoFill feature on iOS devices when using Safari. This allows users to enter card data by selecting a card stored in the Wallet, or by using the device's camera scan a physical card.

Note: The ability to store or save card details in the browser remains disabled.

Additional Character Support for Placeholder Values

The maximum character limit for the placeholder parameter has been increased to 60 characters.

Support for the following accented and special characters has been added: Á, É, Í, Ñ, Ó, Ú, Ü, à, á, â, ä, ã, ā, ç ,è, é, ê, ē, í, î, ī, ñ, ó, ô, ö, ō, õ, ú, û, ü, ū, ß, ё, й, ъ, ы, э, щ.