Date Updated: 5/5/2020

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This release contains the following updates:

New Interchange Type Field

The IC Plus Pricing schema includes a new optional interchangeTypeCode field to set the Passthrough Interchange Costs.

When interchangeTypeCode is not included in the request, the default interchange type remains GROSS interchange.

New Clover Security and TransArmor Fields

The Merchant schema now includes a new cloverSecurityAndTransarmor object, to add a Clover Security bundle or enable TransArmor Data Protection for Clover equipment.

TansArmor Data Protection and Clover Security bundles are not applicable to Bolt on Clover terminals.

The Fees schema now includes new cloverSecurityFee and pciAnnualFeeMonthToBill fields.

New Corporate Level and Chain Level Fields

The Merchant schema now includes a new Hierarchy object, containing optional fields to set corpLevel and chainLevel for merchants boarding to First Data North.

New Publicly Traded Flag and Stock Symbol Fields

The Ownership Schema now includes a new publiclyTradedFlag field and stockSymbol field for boarding merchants with the PUBCORP Ownership Type Code to the First Data North or Omaha platforms.

New Attachment Type Codes

The Attachment Type Codes include a new SIGNEDCONFIRMATION attachment type.

Use the new SIGNEDCONFIRMATIONcode when uploading a physical copy of the Program Guide signed by the merchant.