Date Updated: 8/12/2019

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This release includes the following updates:

Support for CVV and Expiry

CardSecure now supports tokenizing the CVV and Expiry values for payment cards.

The CVV and Expiry values are stored in the token until the token is used in an authorization attempt, after which this information is cleared from the token.

The tokenize request now supports the following optional parameters:

FieldContentMax LengthDescription
cvvCard Verification Value4

Optional, the card verification value (CVV).

Must be a 3 or 4 character numeric string.

Alphanumeric and special characters are not supported.

Strings greater than 4 characters or fewer than 3 characters are not supported.

expiryCard Expiration8

Optional, the card expiration date.

Must be a numeric string.

Must be formatted as

  • MMYY

Support for Google Pay

CardSecure now supports tokenizing Google Pay wallet account data. 

To tokenize a Google Pay account, use the devicedata parameter to pass the Google Pay data, and use the encryptionhandler parameter to pass the value "EC_GOOGLE_PAY" to allow CardSecure to decrypt and handle the encrypted payload.

See the tokenize request description for more information and an example. 

See the Google Pay Developer Guide for detailed information on integrating Google Pay acceptance with a mobile app.