UAT-Only Changes

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The following enhancements were deployed to the UAT environment on 3/10/2020.

Amount-Driven Response Codes

The amount-driven response codes feature will be enabled for the following UAT emulators:

  • First Data North (FNOR)
  • Chase Paymentech (PMT)
  • Paymentech Tampa (PTAM)
  • TSYS (VPS)
This feature was previously enabled for the First Data Rapid Connect (RPCT) UAT emulator.

When testing your integration in the UAT environment, you can use amount-driven response codes to emulate processor-specific authorization responses that you might encounter in the production environment.

See Testing with Amount-Driven Response Codes for detailed information on this feature.

JSON Response Randomization

CardConnect has developed an enhancement to the UAT (non-production) environment that randomizes the response data returned to your client application. Response fields are now returned in a random order, and responses include additional randomly-generated fields, objects, and arrays containing dummy data.

The following example illustrates the modified UAT authorization response:

  "resptext":"Partial Approval",
  "commcard":"A ",

This change will require your application to parse and accept JSON response properties dynamically, rather than coding for the static position of specific properties within the response data; otherwise, your test cases in the UAT environment may encounter errors or other failures.

This change is intended to help clients identify potential failure points and to ensure that your applications are designed for backwards compatibility. CardConnect intends all changes to the CardPointe Gateway API to be backwards-compatible, assuming that client applications are designed to dynamically handle response data. 

For more information on backwards compatibility, see the API Basics and Best Practices Guide.