Date Updated: 9/16/2019

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This release includes the following updates:


To better facilitate our partners' API testing and release validation efforts, we are enhancing the CardPointe Gateway release process. To take advantage of these enhancements, your application should no longer target port 6443 when sending requests to the UAT environment. Instead, ensure that your application targets the UAT and PROD environments using the following URLs:

  • UAT: https://<site>
  • PROD: https://<site>

See the CardPointe Gateway Release Update notification for more information on this change.

See the API Connectivity Guide for general information on connecting to the CardPointe Gateway and other CardConnect services using our APIs.

Auth Request BIN Data Retrieval

The auth request supports a new bin parameter to retrieve BIN data for the card used in an authorization attempt. The BIN service allows you to use a CardConnect token to determine what type of payment card is being used.

Include "bin" : "y" in the authorization request to retrieve BIN data. 

The authorization response includes a binInfo array that includes the BIN response data.

New BIN Response Field

Note: This change was rolled back on 10/2/2019.

The BIN response includes a new bin field that returns the exact BIN value.

Gateway Timeout Testing

Merchants boarded to the First Data North and Rapid Connect platforms can now test CardPointe Gateway timeout responses in the UAT environment. 

See Testing CardPointe Gateway Timeouts in the new Testing your Integration topic in the CardPointe Gateway Developer Guide.