Date Updated: 4/25/2020

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The following updates were deployed to the UAT environment on 4/15/2020 and the production environment on 4/25/2020.

entrymode for Chase Tampa merchants

The auth, inquire, and inquireByOrderid responses will now include the entrymode field for Chase Tampa merchants. 

Note: This field is currently only returned for First Data North merchants.

FieldContentMax LengthComments
entrymodePOS Entry Mode25Possible Values:
  • Keyed
  • Moto
  • ECommerce
  • Recurring
  • Swipe(Non EMV)
  • DigitalWallet
  • EMVContact
  • Contactless
  • Fallback to Swipe
  • Fallback to Keyed

Partial Authorization Responses for UAT Emulators

The following UAT emulators now support simulating a partial authorization response:

  • First Data North (FNOR)
  • First Data Rapid Connect (RPCT)
  • Paymentech (Paymentech)
  • Paymentech Tampa (PTAM)
  • Vantiv (VANT)
  • Worldpay (VPS)

To simulate a partial authorization in the UAT environment, submit an authorization request using "account":"4387750101010101" and "amount":"6.00" or greater.

The following responses are returned:

FNOR10APartial Approval5.00
PTAM10APartial Approval5.00
RPCT002AApprove for Partial Amount5.00
VANT10APartial Approval5.00
VPS10APartial Approval5.00