Date Updated: 12/3/2019

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The following updates were deployed to the UAT environment on 12/3/2019.

Note: These updates will not be deployed to the production environment until after January 1st 2020.

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bin Field Added to the Authorization and Bin Response

The BIN service now returns the exact bank identification number (BIN) in the bin field in the following responses:

DPS Response Code Changes

The following DPS Payment Express (DPS) response codes have been added:

DPSAQC"Amex not enabled"
DPSD4C"User blocked"
DPSD9C"Invalid merchant or password"

The following DPS response code has been removed:

DPSD5C"Invalid password"

See Gateway Response Codes for a comprehensive list of response codes.

UAT Emulator Updates

The following updates have been made to better align the UAT emulators with the processor host responses received in the production environment:

  • The First Data Rapid Connect emulator now returns the emvTagData array in the auth response when an EMV test card is used.
  • The Paymentech emulator has been updated to support voids for Amex authorizations.