Date Updated: 10/23/2019

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This release includes the following updates:

Auth Response Changes

The authorization response includes the following changes:

New Response Fields

  • The response now includes the expiry value (MMYY) provided in the request.
  • Declined authorizations can return avsresp and cvvresp.

    Note: This feature must be enabled for the merchant account. Declined authorizations do not return the avsresp and cvvresp values by default.

Changed Response Fields

  • Declined authorizations no longer return profileid or acctid.
  • For merchants with CVV verification enabled (but AVS verification not enabled), $0 authorizations are declined by the CardPointe Gateway, when cvv is not included in the auth request.

    The auth response returns "respproc" : "PPS" and "resptext" : "CVV is required".

orderId Included in inquire, inquirebyOrderid, void, and voidbyOrderId Response

The inquire, inquireByOrderid, void, and voidByOrderId responses now include the orderId included in the original auth request. 


  • "orderId" : "", If no order ID was provided in the original auth request and "receipt" : "y".
  • orderId is not returned in the response if no order ID was provided in the original auth request and "receipt" : "n".

BIN Response cardusestring Value Change

The cardusestring value for credit hybrid cards now returns "Credit Hybrid (PIN and Signature)" in the BIN response. This is also returned in the auth response when the request includes "bin" : "y".

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