CardPointe Gateway API

The following entries describe changes to the CardPointe Gateway API and documentation.

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Date Updated: 9/16/2019

Note: The following updates were deployed to the UAT environment on 9/16/2019. These updates will be available in the production environment at a later date.

This release includes the following updates:


To better facilitate our partners' API testing and release validation efforts, we are enhancing the CardPointe Gateway release process. To take advantage of these enhancements, your application should no longer target port 6443 when sending requests to the UAT environment. Instead, ensure that your application targets the UAT and PROD environments using the following URLs:

  • UAT: https://<site>
  • PROD: https://<site>

See the CardPointe Gateway Release Update notification for more information on this change.

See the API Connectivity Guide for general information on connecting to the CardPointe Gateway and other CardConnect services using our APIs.

Auth Request BIN Data Retrieval

The auth request supports a new bin parameter to retrieve BIN data for the card used in an authorization attempt. The BIN service allows you to use a CardConnect token to determine what type of payment card is being used.

Include "bin" : "y" in the authorization request to retrieve BIN data. 

The authorization response includes a bin array that includes the BIN response data.

New BIN Response Field

The BIN response includes a new bin field that returns the exact BIN value.

Gateway Timeout Testing

Merchants boarded to the First Data North and Rapid Connect platforms can now test CardPointe Gateway timeout responses in the UAT environment. 

See Testing CardPointe Gateway Timeouts in the new Testing your Integration topic in the CardPointe Gateway Developer Guide.

Date Updated: 7/10/2019

This release includes the following updates:

New Voidable and Refundable Transaction Indicators

The inquire and inquireByOrderid responses include two new fields, voidable and refundable. You can use these new fields to more easily determine whether or not a transaction can be voided or refunded in its current state.

New response values include:

"voidable":"Y"The transaction can be voided.
"voidable":"N"The transaction cannot be voided.
"refundable":"Y"The transaction can be refunded.
"refundable":"N"The transaction cannot be refunded.

The voidable value is determined by the status of the batch at the time of inquiry.

The refundable value is determined by the status of the batch at the time of the inquiry, as well as the MID configuration. If the MID is enabled to refund for unsettled authorizations, then refundable always returns Y.

entrymode Field Now Included in Decline Response

For First Data North (FNOR) merchants, the authorization response now includes the entrymode field for declined authorizations. Previously, entrymode was only returned for approvals.

    Date Updated: 5/30/2019

    This release includes the following updates:

    RapidConnect Auth Response Updates

    Authorization responses from the RapidConnect front end processor now include the entrymode and bintype fields. See the authorization response description for more information.

    Additional emvTagData Field

    The emvTagData included in the authorization response data includes a new Network Label field, which identifies the Authorizing Network Name, which should be printed on the receipt.

    Date Updated: 5/13/2019

    This release includes the following updates:

    Additional Receipt Data Fields

    The authorization request now includes a receipt parameter, used to return additional receipt data fields in the authorization response. When you specify "receipt" : "y" in the authorization request, the receipt array is included in the authorization response data as well as any subsequent inquire or inquireByOrderid requests for that authorization record.

    See Printing Receipts Using Authorization Data for detailed information on customizing the receipt data fields and printing receipts.

    Date Updated: 4/29/2019

    This release includes the following updates:

    Support for POST Requests

    The CardPointe Gateway API now supports HTTP POST requests for all service endpoints that support PUT requests. You can now use either PUT or POST operations to create and update resources.

    New inquireMerchant Endpoint

    The new inquireMerchant endpoint allows you to validate CardConnect merchant account configurations. This is helpful for partners who need to validate their CardConnect merchant IDs or for businesses with merchants operating in multiple locations, to ensure that the merchant ID is boarded to the correct site.

    Date Updated: 2/22/2019

    This release includes the following updates:

    Developer Documentation Improvements

    The CardPointe Gateway API developer documentation has been updated with numerous improvements, including:

    • A new Postman Collection, to help you test and experiment with the CardPointe Gateway API.
    • Revised content throughout.

    New inquireByOrderid Endpoint

    The new inquireByOrderid endpoint allows you to inquire on a transaction using the order ID included in the original request. This is helpful when the request timed out or did not return a retref, and you want to check on the status of the transaction.

    New voidByOrderId Endpoint

    The new voidByOrderId endpoint allows you to void a transaction using the order ID included in the original request. This is helpful when the original request did not return a response, and a subsequent inquireByOrderid call does not return a response. In this case, it is recommended that you call voidByOrderId three times (3x) to ensure that the transaction is voided.

    Updated CardPointe Gateway Response Codes

    The Gateway Response Codes page now includes a downloadable text file that provides a comprehensive list of all possible response codes that can be returned from the Gateway and from all supported processing hosts. This page also includes a new topic, Testing With Amount-Driven Response Codes, that provides information for emulating response codes for testing purposes. Note that this feature is currently limited to merchants using the RapidConnect processor.

    Deprecated openBatch and CloseBatch Endpoints

    The openBatch and closeBatch endpoints have been removed from the CardPointe Gateway API documentation, but are still available for use if required for your business. The CardPointe Gateway automatically manages batches; however, if you need to integrate these manual batch management features, see Manually Managing Gateway Batches in the CardPointe Gateway Developer Guides