Date Updated: 7/24/2019

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This release includes the following updates:

Updated Signature Capture Logic

The authCard and authManual endpoints no longer prompt for signature when an authorization is declined. 

Previously, if the authCard or authManual request included "includeSignature" : "true", the cardholder would be prompted for their signature even if the authorization was declined.

Updated Error Messages

"errorCode" : 1 and "errorCode" : 8

The response body returned for errorCode 1 and errorCode 8 now include the authorization response data returned from the CardPointe Gateway, in the event that an authorization attempt was successfully initiated before the command sequence was canceled or timed out. 

For example:

HTTP/1.1 500
Content-Type: application/json
  "errorCode": 1,
  "errorMessage": "Terminal request timed out",
  "authResponse": {
       "token" : "9445123546981111",
       "expiry" : "0224",
       "name" : "John Doe",
       "batchid" : "100",
       "retref" : "173006146691",
       "avsresp" : "Y",
       "respproc" : "RPCT",
       "amount" : "1.00",
       "resptext" : "Approval",
       "authcode" : "909443",
       "respcode" : "00",
       "merchid" : "1234",
       "cvvresp" : "",
       "respstat": "A",
       "orderId": "C032UQ82820315-20180422141315"    

This allows you to determine if the authorization was successfully completed before the authCard or authManual command sequence timed out or was canceled.

See 500: Bolt Client or Server Error for more information.

{"errorCode": 400, "errorMessage: "PIN Debit not supported for merchantId <MID>"}

The "PIN Debit not supported for merchantId" message now includes the MID used in the authorization attempt.