Version 3.0.62

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This version includes the following enhancement:

The SDK now includes a setBeepSetting command, which allows you to configure the beep settings for the VP3300 Bolt Mobile device. You can use the setBeepSetting command to specify one of the following BeepCommandType values:

  • BMS_BEEP_COMMAND_TYPE_200MSL - One 200 millisecond long beep
  • BMS_BEEP_COMMAND_TYPE_400MSL - One 400 millisecond long beep
  • BMS_BEEP_COMMAND_TYPE_600MSL - One 400 millisecond long beep
  • BMS_BEEP_COMMAND_TYPE_800MSL - One 400 millisecond long beep
  • BMS_BEEP_COMMAND_TYPE_DOUBLE - Two short beeps
  • BMS_BEEP_COMMAND_TYPE_TRIPLE - Three short beeps
  • BMS_BEEP_COMMAND_TYPE_QUADRU - Four short beeps

See the API reference documentation in the SDK package for more information. Browse to /docs/reference api and double-click help-doc.html to launch the API help.