CardConnect provides a complete set of APIs that allow you to securely accept a wide-range of credit, debit, and alternative payment methods.

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CardConnect API

Accept and secure electronic transactions with our payment gateway API.

CardSecure API

Secure every transaction through data breach protection and PCI scope reduction.

CoPilot API

Allows CardConnect partners to seamlessly board clients from their own environment.

Hosted iFrame Tokenizer

Reduce PCI Requirements by encasing CardSecure token functionality in our Hosted iFrame Tokenizer.

PanPad Device Integration

Integrate with the CardConnect PANpad DLL to securely tokenize within your .NET application.

Magtek Device Integration

Extract card data from a supported magstripe reader for authorization and/or tokenization.


Integrate with a CardConnect P2PE device via REST to securely tokenize within your application.

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CardConnect PGP Key

Securely share sensitive information with CardConnect using our public PGP key.